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HamPocket Plus

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GW0TQM's Amateur Radio Collection. This started as a series of bookmarks but has had comment added and is updated frequently. Its a hotchpotch, but so is Amateur Radio.This app hotlinks you to a range of amateur radio interest.
Solar and Geomagnetic warnings.On screen MUF and Greyline indicatorsNEW: HF propagation for the UKVHF propagation from the APRS Network
RSGB latest news bulletin streams on demand
GB2RS in text form
K7AGE - Amateur radio newsKN4AQ - 'Ham Radio News'
An overview of Digital V/UHF ham radio
Digital Data feeds DSTAR, DMR-BM, Plus, MARC and PhoenixUK
Echolink and IRLP info
Summits on the Air- Live feedList of SOTA reports
High Altitude Balloon Tracking
Raspberry Pi MagazineRasp.Pi and Ham Radio
Email list links HamPocket and QRP
Follow the Ham Radio Forum
Hamsphere computing pages.